Author H. A. Bryan

Author H. A. Bryan

Heather A. Buford, best known to her fans as H. A. Bryan, is a Natural Witch drawn to the Irish Celtic, Druidic, tradition as an eclectic solitary practitioner. She has been studying the Craft for over 20 years, actively supports Circle of the Sacred Grove – Temple of the Old Religion, and promotes the celebration of our interconnected differences.

Heather has been writing for over 30 years. Her first love is creative writing, inspired by her seventh grade English teacher, Ms. Kaylor, which she has used for many years to help herself heal from invisible wounds. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a Concentration in Journalism from Toledo University in Ohio.

Now, H. A. Bryan combines her journalistic background with a childhood full of bullies and structured education to create a unique, first person, mystery and shares the natural healing process of self-empowerment with you.

H. A. Bryan and her husband live in Toledo, OH with their four black cats, one Hamster and a library of over 500 books.